Harassment by husband and inlaws

I am married for 9 yrs and have two kids aged 8 and 2. My husband earns 12 lakhs but gives me very minimal amount for household. He neither allows me to work. In addition chides me to bring dowry from my home. I quit my job as there was no one to look after my kid when am working. I have no other source of income. He threatens me saying he will send me to parents home stating I am mentally ill and will take away my kids from me. For the past six months he was in uk, returned few days back again am facing harassment from husband inlaws as he refused to give me monthly expense. If I work from home he will not allow me to do even that. He wants to send me to my parent's home. I some times fear he may harm me to get remarried. He always say that he will not give me single pie if he has to leave me. I no longer want to undergo this mental torture. In the past there were physical abuse too.i don't have anyone to help me. My dad is very old and mom passed away few years ago.my husband owns a flat and has other investments too but shares no information about all these things to me. What should I do get a maintenance from him as I am financially dependent on him