Sexual Abuse at workplace

Dear Sir, I Satyam was working with indian railways, and now i am retired. the case is of 2014, a lady staff entered my office to use my toilet. and as she was a ticket collector i asked her to use their toilet in their office. But she still used toilet of my office. One day while she was using the toilet i just asked her to flush off after use. I told in hindi "Madam Paani Daal dena" and here is what the case began. she filed a case in railway department and the enquiry of sexual haresment started, She stated that while she was in the toilet i was watching her from out . Now as i had nothing to worry about as i was sure that i have not done any thing like that so i asked the railway enqiry officials to visit my office. Now after they visited my office they found small hairline cracks which i was completely unaware of , and than the case went further . I was transferd from the current working station to another. Than after meeting the lady i asked an apology stating that i have not done any thing but still if she feels that i have done any thing wrong i m very sorry about it. and the complainant lady accepted my apology and the case was considered closed. Now when only one week of my retirement was left the case was reopened by the officials and not by the complainant stating that as the charges were proven right the case is getting reopened. And now there is no issues from the complainant lady also i am retired but the officials have stopped my pension and all the money of my leaves and all allowances stating that this will only be cleared after the case gets cleared i m very fed up of all this i have never in my life faced such a bad remark on my character and now i m suffering a lot . I Need a proper assistance pl help me . Thanks Satyam Gupta