Marriage Nullity- No Physical Relation, Wife did Adultery

I (unfornate legally Husband ), got married 1.5 years ago. On first night, girl/"So called wife" denied getting physical and said she has taken vow of "Sherawali Mata" for 11 days. After this sex life will be great. I believed it. I was not in hurry too Marriage is long term relation. She also kept behaving strangely and badly so to make sure that we don't get physical. After 11 days she faught and went back to her parents home. After two months, I caught her with her affair. Both were drunk and alone in a rented room. Somehow, I also got her of objectionable photos from Facebook with her Affair. On that night,When I caught her, I called the police and her parents,her parents in police station with folded hands said they will solve this is peacefully outside. My parents believed them, so we wrote statement to compromise in police and no FIR were registered. We wrote than we both don't want to live with each other. After a week, they started demanding 15 lakh rupees on the name of "shadi main kharcha ho gaya" ( they incurred expenses in marriage). So, I applied a petition under 156(3) U/S 497 ( Adultery ) against her Affair. This is in session court now. No FIR registerd against them. However, they lodged counter FIR after 10 days using fanciful stories of unnatural sex, Dowry, Violence, threating life etc etc against me. They also involved family members in dowry and violence in that FIR. Police arrested me to recover her belonging but I got bail on first hearing. There is no chargesheet but might be filed soon. Question: I am preparing for UPSC/SSC. If i got selected, Can UPSC/SSC withhold selection or reject on basis of FIR/Chargesheet? I am on Bail. Question 2: Can marriage be Nullified as there was no consumation of marriage/physical relation in 1.5 years and morever, she did adultery. If no, then how much time it can take in getting divorce in this case? Question 3: Is paying 15 lakhs only quick option to bring peace in family? She can also do more drama to implicate me and my family in more cases which she always threaten.