Puncher Repair Shop in Residential Colony / Neighbours troubling

Dear Sir / Madam Neighbours next to us are running a puncher repair shop, creating heavy noise, damaging our vehicles and blocking passage. They have fixed iron rod outside house and drying clothes to block passage. We installed CCTV camera in the our house and submitted footage and photographs along with the complaint to police station in July 2014. Police initiated action and filed a Kalandra u/s 83/87, 100 DP act last year. However, to help accused, Sub Inspector has not submitted any CCTV footage to the Honorable court. The Kalandra has been submitted by sub inspector stating that he observed running of puncher repair shop while on duty and hence been requesting action in the case thereby suppressing facts of applicant. The case is still pending in Honorable court and puncher repair shop is running and neighbours are continuously creating heavy noise and blocking passage to harass us. A separate complaint was filed with police for damages to our movable property by customers coming for puncher repair but its almost one year police is investigating the case. No charges for property damage has been imposed on the neighbours. We have not been given any information by the police on compliants filed by us. But by filing RTI we got the information on Kalandra filed by the police. MCD and PWD has replied to our RTIs and confirmed that no permission has been given to our neighbours for running of puncher repair shop. Kindly suggest where to approach to get the shop closed. Further, suggest whether puncher shop repair owner is responsible for the damage done to our vehicles by the customers. Moreover, whether sub inspector can suppress facts from the Honorable court or can we approach court to file proofs not submiitted by sub inspector. Please do the needful. Thanks