Possible issues post Mutual consent divorce

Dear Sirs, My wife and I appeared in the court and and was granted divorce by mutual consent.Case status shows in ecourts.gov.in website as"Case disposed" and nature of disposal as "Uncontested-ALLOWED" , though i will get the divorce papers by the end of this week. I have few questions regarding this - 1. Can my wife still go to the court and ask not to provide the decree ? (though she has agreed to mcd under no pressure and fine state of mind, which can be proved) 2. Can my wife still ask for maintenance / money immediately after the mutual divorce ? Though she comes from well to do family, but she herself is unemployed. She has taken money from me through cheque before the divorce date and didn't return any of my mother's jewellery that was given to her only for use 3. Is there a waiting period before i get remarried ? 4. Can a closed mutual divorce case be reopened ? if yes then under what circumstances ? 5. Although she hails from a different city , she is moving close to my parental home in a PG. Can she cause any legal trouble by moving close to my parents home ? Do you foresee any such legal trouble she may cause ? I will be really grateful if i get some advise on the above questions. Thanks and Regards Amit