Bank and mother-in-law problem

My husband had passed away recently and did not leave a will. He had multiple loans on his own name solely. They say that my mother-in-law(MIL) is a owner with 25% in all his properties. I have 2 children who are minors. I did not have a job but have undertaken one after the death. Most of the loans have been repaid but one remains. My MIL didn't give any financial support for the repayment of loans. She had also stayed at our place for about a year. So for repayment I wanted to dilute the assets but then she sends a legal notice saying that she is party to all assets. Then I send her a letter saying that all this is only for the loan repayment and not for personal interest or profit. I have also rented a property for 90k and she demands 25k from it as medical expenses. She also has 2 financially sound daughters and a great financial resources. She then lies in her letter that she did not stay in our house and has no financial sources of income. Her husband has left her a lot of money. I have also registered a domestic violence complaint against her. I sent a letter to the bank saying that she is also party to the loan but they say that she is a senior citizen and hence we cannot send a letter. The bankers are constantly pestering me for repayment when I have no money. I don't know what to do. The bankers also say that only my husband and I are the holders of the loan and not my MIL. How is that possible? I also hsbe to save money for my childrens education