Salary dues not being paid

Dear Friends, Hi! 1.What steps can an employee take to recover pending salary dues of 1-1/2 months from a Private Ltd company in Hyderabad, if the monthly salary is Rs 25,000/- 2. The employee was appointed in May '15, on a one month trial and evaluation period, letter for which was also issued & which was over and he was paid for the same by cheque in the next month on the due salary date, which is the 10th. 3. He worked for another one and a half month and resigned. But the last one and a half month's salary dues are not being paid and are being delayed on a one pretext or the other. 4. The boss also started using abusive language when being asked about the dues and even threatened violence against the employee. What a coincident that the boss is also a advocate, but a non-practising one. Thank God for the small mercy. 5. What is recourse left please? Awaiting advice from the learned ones. 6. I HAVE BEEN READING SIMILAR COUNTLESS CASES AND WOULD LIKE TO KNOW OF ANY ORGANIZATION TAKING UP OR HELPING SUCH HARASSED & HAPLESS EMPLOYEES, IN HYDERABAD. 7. Stricter laws and enforcement for the same is the need of the times. Thanks & regards. BS