Is self rectification deed valid or not

I bought a land 15 years back.Two years back I planned to sale the land, document copy gave to buyer. He observed that in the plot plan drawing, plot measurements in the East & West sides are reversed by mistake,but in the document they wrote it correctly.Originally East side 46 feet & West side 72 feet.But in the plan drawing they mentioned East side 72 feet & West side 46 feet. So I approached Previous owners for rectification. With in this 15 yrs period land value increased 20 times.So they demanded very huge amount for rectification. After discussion with document writer he advised to take self rectification deed.In that document original measurements mentioned & registration done.After few days I registered the property on my wife's name as a gift deed & in the document and plan drawing they clearly mentioned original measurements . My question is (1) self rectification deed is valid or not.(2)Is there any problem with Previous owners in future (3)Is there any problem to sale the property (4)Is there any problem to get the permission for building construction