Down and out

My wife fooled me of her having physical relations before marriage. I asked her that is she having any relationship or marrying under pressure. She said no After marriage within 1 month she left home and got aborted I was tense that why she left home as there was nothing wrong with us. When I brought her back, I started watching her moves. I came to know she still meet those guys. When I caught her, she pleaded and said she will be loyal to me and said to plan baby As my upbringing was good I said ok. When she conceived, she started giving me wrong indications of taking undue advantage Post birth if child, she everyday threat me of leaving, as law will not allow me the baby. She knew my baby is my weakness and took undue advantage. She threatened me with suicide as we'll Finally she left home. We decided to go for mutual divorce a year an half back. I agreed to it. It was decided that baby would stay 5 days with her and two days with me But again they ditched. They did t allow me to see the baby . Everyday weekend I go to ask for baby but they kept numb Be being gentleman didn't react. Am still waiting for my baby. Now they called and said we will do court proceedings Please help me out with your precious advice!!!