How to get legal permission from RWA, to out a grill cage in front of corner flat

I am part of an apartment association (almost 126 flats), out of which almost 25 flat owners already have grill cage in front of their house for various reasons like kids safety, vastu, etc. My flat is in 4th floor corner and when I submitted a letter to association for the grill cage work, they did not object much & president gave permission (over a whatsapp message) then I started work on this, now while in middle of work, some of the associated folks stopped the work in middle. Now, how can I handle this case legally in the right way? Even though I have submitted letter to association & got approval over whatsapp message, other associations members trying to create issues who already have grill cage in front of their house. Since I ready spent 35,000 for grill cage work and it's been blocked by associated members (some of them), can I file a legal note to get more clarity on this issue? Also if they do not allow me to put a grill cage, can I ask 35,000 refund from association? Some of them are debating that, we will not allow new grill cage works and also will remove existing one but they are not ready to give timeline since some existing folks are objecting or ready to take through legally. Beging a new flat owner, can you suggest right path for me here? Appreciate