Wife is harassing with 498a

We have been married for almost 3 years & since the beginning have had problems which lead to arguments & fights. Although both me & my wife have temper problems, my wife has left the house 4 months back with our 8 month old child. Now she constantly accuses me of deserting her. I have calmed myself down significantly but her temper has grown since she feels that I abandoned her. She is unwilling to stay with me till my single mother shares the house & has been pressurizing me to move out. Her parents have been feeding her all sorts of nonsense & they look out for opportunities to fight with me. The fights reach a level where she abuses me horribly & i retaliate after which she threatens me with 498a. Her parents on the other hand are supporting this. They have been screaming divorce citing false charges like dowry, neglect, abandon, no emotions etc. I have explained to them that the effect of this will be on both families but they dont care since they have several high ranking police officers in the family. I feel trapped. I agreed to her demands for divorce to which she changed tack by saying that they will not let me off easy unless they ruin me completely. I need help & guidance.