Interim committe

Dear Sir Have procured a property , wherein out of 6 towers , 4 have been completed and based on partial completion certificate physical possession has been granted. The welfare association will be formulated only on completion of the project as claimed by the builder. The other 2 towers are work in progress and will take another year for hand over and thereafter another year for completion of the whole project , thereafter the proposed association formation. In the interim , purely considering the violation of commitments by the builder and non transparent methods of collection of CAM , The builder has formulated verbally an interim committee of the residents to coordinate with them. This interim committee at this juncture comprising of all the members who have been provided physical possession in the 4 towers , have been engaging the builder for various corrections. The builder on its own have been selective to address the issues , digressing points which does not suit them. The question is whether the interim committee can register itself with a POA given by all to a small committee to interface with the builder , thereafter have elections etc , however how can the interim committee would be in a position to force the builder to comply with the registered individual deeds of members who are in physical possession in 4 towers. The committee would itself dissolve on formation of the association.