Transfer of property paper on the basis of will.

Hi I am living in a house for over 25 years with my wife and kids. And I have 1 brother and 2 sisters , they all are married and living with their families accordingly. my father passed away 12 years ago and My mom passed away 9 years ago and she made an unregistered will in the name of me ( this property was under her name). On that will 2 signatures of witness also present and both of the witness are alive.. NOTE:- I WAS THE CARE TAKER OF MY FATHER AND MOTHER IN THIS HOUSE SINCE WE MOVE TO THIS HOUSE, MY OTHER SIBLINGS WERE LIVING WITH THEIR FAMILIES ON OTHER PLACES I tried to talk to my siblings about transferring the property paper under my name but they are not giving any clear answers ( whether they want any share from the house or not) NOTE :- MY SIBLINGS DONT KNOW I HAVE A WILL. So my queries are. 1- can I transfer this property under my name on the basis of will? How can I transfer also? 2- can any of the siblings can challenge this will and transferring process? 3- if property gets transfer under my name can I sell it / or gift it to my son? 4- after gifting this property to my son can my siblings challenge this property? And who will face the consequences?