Case of fraud and dowry

Hi, Please find my case review for your kind advice. I got married in Dec 2014. It was an arranged marriage and my husband family was introduced through one of my relatives. He is from different state. At the time of marriage, we are told that he is computer engineer ( written evidence is with us) and working abroad. He also confirmed that he can arrange my visa and will be staying with him. After two months of marriage, I came to know that he is not computer engineer as well as he came back to India as exit since his contract with the company is over and also visa is expired. However, he got another job and went abroad but he refuses to arrange my visa and take along with him. He and his family denied that they never told to my family about my visa and staying with him. As I was working before marriage I request to start my work which they refuse to give permission. In the meantime he and his family started demanding dowry of 30 lakhs and car. I came back home after 6 months since there was continuous mental harassment and fear of more domestic violence. His family is not agreeing to discuss the matter with my family. Now I want to file case for fraud and dowry and to grant divorce. How can I go about it and what should I do?