Action can be taken for re-marrying without divorce

Hi, I would like to know on the law of India pertaining to re-marrying without getting legally divorced. For instance, if a person is a native of different country & gets married to an Indian national in India legally but due to dowry depends & threats given to her in order to continue the marriage, she decides to get a divorce under the basis of dowry demands, it's really difficult to fight & be present in court due to being overseas & working to support oneself as she's ain't an Indian national & therefore the case gets dismiss as no party shows up. However, the Indian spouse too file for divorce case on the basis for adultery & not fulfilling the duty of matrimonial relationship & also case gets dismiss & he decides to bring it to high court. Thus, while case ongoing in high court, the Indian spouse gets married without even getting divorce. What immediate action can be taken on such situations where the Indian spouse gets married? Can the other spouse take any immediate action? What are the procedure & advice on such case where the victim is of other national & what's her right to get justice?!