Inheritance of property

I am a resident of Hubli working as a lect. in a private polytechnic. I am the only source of income as m husband is unemployed. I have a 14 yr old daughter studying in 9th in a central govt. school. Mine was a love marriage against my parents wish. My father passed away in 1999. He owns lands taken care by my uncle. My Mom owns 3 houses. She gets rent of 2 houses.We are 4 sister's. I am the 2nd one. 2 of my sisters are married and financially stable. My last sister has completed her MBA in UK.Now I am asking my mom to give my fathers share of land, so that I can sell it and buy a house for me and generate another source of income. My mom owns her land too. She gets income of the lands as well as rent from 2 houses. I stay in a rented house. I suffer from many diseases. Now I am not able to manage my expenses and my health is not supporting me to work like before. But my mom is not agreeing for my request inspite of telling my problems. Is there any other way to get my fathers lands?Pls help me to solve my problem.My elder sister is in my favour.