Wrong case filed by my own father

My father was abusingly speaking ...its been from years together this scenario but yesterday it was too much ...he was abusively beating my mother and me ...my mother moreat her private regions....i had no idea what to do...i msged my friend saying that my father dtrtd again im afraid he will hit me ....He came to my house knocked the door, my mom opened the door he came in and my mom asked how are yu don...then he straight away went to my father and was asking why are u abusing and why are you talking bad about me...je asked did i use your daughter?And few other questions ...then my father hit him hard and a small fight started wherein my father was hitting and my friend was just handling and being defensive My father took the nearby mirror and hit him on his head and the mirror broke and he took a piece and was waving it onto my friend rashly....my friend took a back step out of the house but unfortunately my father slit his finger ..this happened in front of the neighbours,outside the house....my friend got really worried because he was so trying to slit wherever he might can....my friend took me to police station but they behaved rudely and my father now filed a false case againt my friend saying that he was beated inturn by friend...who tresspassed without permission into the house and assaulted my father and as soon as my friend did all this we both ran away.... what should i do...how can i help? The police people are not listning to me because i counter questioned them.. They are witnesses but my friend is in a faulty xase which a big made up story and a lie....they sent a notice for 3 days ....hes on bail...will this affect his visa and passport is there any way to bring him out of this full faulty case HELP please will truth win?