Right of married Hindu female in father's property. Complicated Q

We are Hindus for the purposes of the problem living in Uttar Pradesh. My father had a plot and house adjacent to it all he acquired himself and agricultural land he acquired from my grandfather. My Grandfather had some self acquired property and his own father's property all being agricultural lands. Upon his death the agricultural lands were divided between my father and my uncle according to a will. I was married in 1992 and my father expired intestate post 2005 though he executed a document by the name of 'Parivarik Samjhoutanama' on a Rs. 2 stamp paper having signatures of my father, my brothers and 3 witnesses, without my knowledge and does not have my signature, in 1996 regarding partition of the house only, between my two brothers and himself. I would like answers to the following queries of mine. 1.Status of the document 'Parivarik Samjhoutanama' as a legal document for the purposes of a registered partition deed validating the aforementioned partition. 2.Status of all three properties i.e. plot, house and agricultural lands as to whether ancestral or self acquired. 3.My rights in my father's properties both ancestral as well as self acquired given the facts that my father expired post 2005 and I was married before 2005 in 1992 in the light of applicability of Hindu Succession Act Amendment, 2005. 4.Applicability of Hindu Succession Act, 2005 to married daughters who were married before 2005 especially when the amendment says nothing about the marital status of the daughter. Interpretation of the relevant sections required. 5.Course of action to be adopted if there subsists any right in the aforementioned properties 6.My father also has some deposits in the locker and the bank, which I suppose are jewelry and cash. Does there exist any right of mine in them??? There does not exist any registered partition deed regarding the division of the aforementioned properties and deposits except for that 'Parivarik Samjhoutanama' which concerns only the house. Visiting a lot of blogs, internet posts and casual talk to some law grads has resulted in a lot of confusion. My brothers are not ready to give me a single penny in the share. I would like to know my actual share in the property keeping in mind my marital status and all relevant facts and circumstances. Comprehensive answers will be highly appreciated and doubts if any will be promptly entertained.