I recently finished my masters in one of the renowned colleges in Pune. I stayed in the hostel during my masters. During my stay in hostel I had arguments with the watchmen when I saw them sleeping during duty hours at night and whenever there was theft in hostel despite they being at the gates. The usual practice in hostel is that the ex-students come sometimes to meet other friends from the junior batch. So did I. On weekends I would visit the hostel to catch up with friends. On a Saturday when I was coming out of the hostel I saw the watchman standing with the Hostel Rector at the gate. As I reached the hostel gate the Rector stopped me, asked me to get down from my bike and told me in a derogatory manner that I should not be seen in hostel from today in the presence of my friend, the watchman and one another man whom I dont know and that he has received complaints from the guards that i have used foul language on them. I am very offended by this act of the Rector and would like to initiate a suite of defamation against the Rector. Please advice.