Is doing some personal project on being on job is illegal

I am doing job in a company in gurgaon. And signed a bond with the company for 1 year. With My job I was doing a personal project it may generate some money in future. I did that project after office time. Also I hired 3 of company resource to work on that project. And after 15 days I drops 2 of them, because they was not able to work. No amount was paid to them. And For 1 guys I had paid a some of 7K for work around 20 days, after office. Till now I have not get any income. But according to company bond, I break these two rules: 1. You shall not engage yourself in any other gainful or commercial employment, business or activity part-time or Full-time, directly, indirectly, as long as you are employed with services of the company. You shall not engage yourself directly or indirectly in any other profitable business connected with the dealings or activities of the company in any way. Any failure on your part to comply with the above instructions would render your services liable for termination notwithstanding any other conditions in the appointment. 2. You are required to deal with the Company’s money, equipment, material, software products/development, Intellectual property Right and documents with utmost honesty, care and professional ethics. In case if you are found guilty, at any point of time of moral turpitude or of dishonesty in dealing or making away with the company’s money, equipment, material, software products/development and documents or of theft or of misappropriation regardless of the value involved, your services would be terminated with immediate effect notwithstanding other terms and conditions mentioned in the appointment letter. The company also reserves the right to take legal action as per law for any of the above violations. I am already terminated by company. And company wants to return whole salary that has been paid to me as claim of damage. Now, what I should do. I don't have money to pay.