Eviction problem

Two brothers landlord A and B living in a house that is divided in two parts. One tenant relative of the brothers is living on rent in the area of landlord B at the first floor. The tenant is 50 years widow female with four daughters and one 35 years handicapped son. The tenant is having a case with Landlord B regarding claiming property of landlord B as she is long term tenant. The Landlord A sold his house. The issue is the tenant is living in area of landlord B but has been using toilets and ladders of Landlord A who sold the house, as landlord B do not have ladders, and do not allow using his toilets. When Landlord A asks the tenant to stop using toilets and ladders as the house is sold. The tenant threats to kill landlord A and threats to file false case as she is a woman, and the handicap son is threatening that he would kill himself, and get Landlord A arrested. The tenant is demanding 5.5. Lacs to stop using ladders and toilets that is too much to pay as its about 30%. of the property price Please suggest. Talking and Settling not working here. Landlord only receives threat from tenant when we ask to evict. What action should the landlord take. Should it go to file a FIR on police station or hire a lawyer or .do anything else