Implementation of judgment of Supreme Court of India

A good number of judgments have come relating to payment of pension to Compulsorily retired bank employees by various high courts and SC of India. Recently Andhra Pradesh High Court gave a favorable judgment in favor of CRS employees preferred by two Andhra Bank employees directing the bank to pay pension to the compulsorily retired bank employees. The Andhra Bank preferred appeal and review in SC of India. But the bank did not get relief from SC of India and the judgment given by the Andhra Pradesh High court was implemented and pension to the appellants was allowed. But this benefit has been allowed to only two concerned employees. The Indian Bank Association has not so far honored the judgement and no instructions have been issued so far by IBA . My question to the learned councils is as to how the other compulsorily retired employees can get benefit of this judgment? Is there any way to get this judgment implemented on all such employees who were retired compulsorily by the banks? Please guide.