Fathers house / Family home

We are family of 7 brothers and 6 sisters. Mother expired Jan 2003 Father expired March 22nd 2015 6 sons married all settled with family 4 daughters married elder daughter widow in the year 2001with a son staying with father/ family house 2nd daugher suside and her daugher is staying in the same house 3rd dughter married and has one son and come back and stying in the same house from past 18 years 4th daugher keeps coming and going and has no child 5th and 6th daughter age 30 and 30+ not married Dad got retired in the year 1995 and took a place in ratnagri and used to stay their we daughter used to take care of him till he died full expenses beared by daughter hospitalisation etc... Now since father expired 4 brothers are worring for property to be sold and give them their share. Dad before dying 2 days before said bring the paper I shall sign this property in girls name. but we took it lightly and did not care. Now we have no one to help and need to know how can we save this house by selling