Divorce Case

Hi Sir, I loved one person but i did not said in my family about my love and i did marriage with my mama(My Mother's own Brother)..before doing marriage i had written one letter in Ms-Word to my lover and i have taken that printout and kept in my books ..that letter contains the following matter..(i am doing marriage with my mama for my mom sake..after marriage will meet and after some years we will run).like this i had written in this letter..i know i am wrong but i love that person like anything..that's y i wrote like that..after my marriage my husband found that letter and ask me about that i told nothing is there now between us..that letter belongs before marriage not now bolke i said..after some days my husband saw me with my lover..so he ask me divorce..i am ready to give divorce to him and my lover wants to marry me..but before this my husband family take all the material given by my family.material includes cot,dressing table,bed,Alhmari,Gas & so many material useful in kitchen..for my marriage we have given him 50000 cash,bike,gold.. my Husband family is showing full torched to my parents...so i want put dowry case against him and total family..i get married on 13Th Feb 2015 .. Now My question is Can i put Dowry Case against him ?? can i claim that material which has given by my parents ???