My husbend cheated and left me

I loved a person named sai kiran from last 2 years .he used me physically also when i asked to marry me he said no then i said ill put a case on you and your family (because his family also know every thing and playing a drama saying me to wait for 3 years and in mean wile behind me saying there sone to avoid me slowely ) he agreed to marry me and married then they kept case on me that i beat him n married him forcly , i proved every thing and even showed proofs also finally the widthdrawed the case and said you both do whatever you wantbut dont come to us n they went away leaving there son with me. Then my husband ( sai kiran ) and his frends asked me to bring 15000 so that we can start our new life together i bought as they asked and started staying together but he started beating me saying that not to say our address to any one and give me diverse later after ten days he deleted all d proofs in my phone and went away saying that am going to my parents and will come back in two days his frends force me to send him to his home but after he leave our room he switched off his mobiles , later i got information from one of his family member that he is at his big mother home and going to leave other place in 2 days so i gave a pitition in police station there parents came to the station but they are saying that he came but again went away some where we dont know where he is now. They know every thing but saying they dont know . I want my husband back and lead my life with his . Please advoice me what to do i dnt want to loose him .