Deserted wife

I am working professional from Bangalore. I belongs to Andhra Pradesh native place: near vijayawada. I got married on 20th April 2019, I stayed in Bangalore with my wife till covid-19 lockdown till 20th March 2020. Later moved to native place and working from home. My wife is living at her parents home from the date we came to native place(her home is just 5km away from my parents home). Now and then she came to my home and quarrelled several times with me without any proper reasons. I don't want live with her because of these things happened, even they are telling they don't want to send her in near future but not agreed to take mutual consent divorce. She is 4th month pregnant now. when her father forced to send her to my home, she went to railway track to commit suicide (her father told me that, it happened on 20th Jan 2021). Can you please suggest, 1) In this situation, shall I send RCR petition? 2) Or can I send contest divorce directly? 3) at first, do we need to send legal notice before RCR or divorce case? 4) to send RCR petition is it better to send from Bangalore or native place is preferred? 5) is rental agreement is enough as a address proof for filing RCR?