Alimony, maintenance, divorce

Dear Lawyers, I Got married in July 2014. Wife left home Nov 2014. She later told all her friends n family that we never mated.(totally false) Relatives n me tried to persuade, she's not ready to continue.(ego) Now, I'm getting call threats asking for ransom and lifelong maintenance, else false cases. Principally I didn't leave her, I didn't take a single rupee nor a single gram in marriage, treated very well. It was her decision to leave, why should I pay a single rupee in extortion ? I have some audios, no other proof. We both are graduates. She used to work before marriage, now she doesn't. Is there any way to get real justice ? please suggest strategy: 1. shall I file RCR/divorce/wait till her next step ? 2. How to get her educational n career proofs (no insider, no big city to get detectives at her native) 3. If they file false cases (i have aged bedridden parents at home) n ask to give ransom, shall I surrender to them or fight for years n die single ? Thanks in advance, Arjun