Wife absconding for many years, seeking divorce now.

I live in New Delhi and my age is 43. My wife left house in 2001 leaving me in fatal depression and suicidal state. Took me too many years to recover, only ending up with another killer disease. I am fighting cancer now for last 1 and a half years. Medical progress is slow but ok, one or two surgeries are due and I hope to recover from the disease. I had searched her for years but her house in Gurgaon, Haryana, was always found locked, and she and her parents have been missing since then. Her brother lives in USA and she may or may not have migrated. There are no clues, no contact, no information, no online or offline presence. There is no address to get in touch with them. All these years I have lived in shame and depression, sickness and disrespect, living in a state of denial, loneliness and social pressure. It has been so many years now that i am completely blank about myself and my life. My surgery should happen in a few months. I really need to be free of my past and be mentally and emotionally stable. Please let me know what am I supposed to do? Is a divorce possible? How long it will take if it is? What is the procedure? Please help. P.S. I am not in any relationship, nor I have any other woman in my life.