Please answer all my questions. I need a good lawyer. 1. We are staying in house which is in my Name and my parents stay in other house. Can I give my current flat on rent and start staying with my parents. My wife is not allowing me to give flat on rent. She has filled for 3 rd party petition. What should I do? 2. Me and my wife is staying in the same house but don’t have physical relationship. How can we prove that we don’t have physical relationship? This is important 3. We don’t like each other and my wife say that she want divorce but she refuse to move out of my house , House is in my name? What should I do? 4. I don’t want to stay with her anymore because we keep fight almost alternate day. Sometime it result into battle. Once she stab me with knife which result in 2 scratches. I didn’t register a police complain to avoid issues. It also effecting on my 8 years old daughter 5. Also she has spoiled my name in society saying that I have an affair with bai I am not able to move in society earlier I was very active member but now I don’t mix with people. 6. Also her sister in law file a case against her family and my wife is responsible for that can this help me? 7. All expenses is born by me she is working in Government Job at good post but not paying money for expenses. Out of our 9 years she paid small amount only for 2 year and nothing after that? 8. I am working in Pvt Job and don’t have job security and her job is secure She has also take a flat in panvel now how can this help me? 9. Also I am suffering from high blood pressure, anxiety attack and depression and I am under treatment from doctor can this help me in getting divorce? 10. She don’t treat my parents properly whenever they come to my home she start fighting. One of my nephew is staying with my parents she has created lot of issues about that and once beaten him.