I want to quit from my company with in the contract.

I have been working with the company so called "IT IS THE MASTER SOFTWARE". I have signed a contract(bond) with CTC OF 8066 per month. it was said to me by the company they will increase my salary 20% to 40 % after the traning period,when the Training is completed they have given me increament of 21% only i have asked but the HR said i have not give you in written. i have been selected as an application deployment engg but hey have assign a job of data entry operator not allow to access the database to increase my skills.they made my life so bad if i go outside of this company no any other company will give me a job .Another part of the comapny, regarding the leave hr is maintaining the leave record in which i going in +ve leave but HR is not ready to accept,she done a mistake in maintaining the records of all my leave,finally coo of the company has also involve and i got my +ve leave,this all was the company policy to mentally harsh the employee, i was so much affected by the company,so i dont want to continue with...in the mean while i have applied on the client side of the company where i have been working for the company and i got selected with good package and i want to join but according to the contract i cant leave the company before the contract period(24 month)and Notice period(2 month) i have completed the 15 months in the company and i have sent Resign letter to HR but she shown me the contract and a notice period,i have asked coo of the company , he said you have pay remaining 9 month salary then only we can release you from this job ,i have mentioned in the resign letter 2 month notice period. one more important thing company will take Rs. 4.3 lacs from the client and giving me Rs. 1.3 lacs only, i have asked HR why dont you pay me the salary you taking from the client,THEY SAID IT IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS.... so please advice me what i will do? i want to leave the this company so i can grap a good oppurtunity,what they will do when if i leave the job ?