Deeply hurt from organisation.

Dear sir, As currently i am working in a private bank as a deputy manager ,i joined this bank through a course called PGDBRM from manipal bangalore.The respective bank first shortlist canditate through gd and PI and then they provide a personal loan of 3 lac to persue this course. This course is of 1 year in which 9 month we have to study in manipal campus and the remaining three month is of internship in the respective branch. Sir i am from patna bihar the hr sent me to bangalore for my internship.,In internship they provide 18k stipend to manage our livelihood. As per our contract ,to get employment in that respective bank we have to pass in internship and the valuation of that internship is to be done by respective branch manager.In between internship i requested my hr to give operation vertical job apart from sales field work due to some medical issue bt they neglected and failed me in my internship i dont know why because my branch manager gives me a passing marks in my internship .The valuation of internship marks done by branch manager is to be submitted to Hr only and this process is confidential but somehow i managed to take the xerox of that valuation copy . But My Hr didnt listen anything and they forced me to do Re internship again for three month without any pay .As this is my starting stage of my career , i dont want to take risk and i agree to do reinternship without any pay because i dont have any other option as there is a personal loan too. after that four month spent but my hr didnt respond me anything , i get frustrated because personal loan emi is also started and i am also going to branch for reinternship . i was feeling helpless and i mailed to Senior official like ceo of that bank and attached that copy of valuation sheet in which clearly written i was passed . Finally my Hr called me and gave my offer letter after 5 month .but i am financially became too weak ,but somehow i managed to go branch and doing my duty .as they didnt give me operation job ,i was doing field job in which i have to roam ,somehow i am doing but what happen one and a half month spend they did not credit my salary and giving me excuses just because of technical reason it was getting delayed .My branch manager scolded me like anything just because i am not meeting his expectation due to financial problem. Sir my branch manager show discrimination towards me also because my vertical is branch banking but they forced me to sit alone in backend just because i dont get business from branch walking.My all team sit in front branch i am discriminated and forced to seat alone in backend . Sir i think My HR and branch manager they doing it intentionally to harass me just because at the time of internship i approached to senior authority against them. Oneday my branch manager shouted me like anything and told me not to come branch from now onwards i dont want to see you in my branch .i get totally depressed and deeply hurt ,i dont know what to do and i mailed again to senior authority (CEO) stating about Discrimination ,Reinternship ,non transparency and harassment,salary issue which i am facing and request him to change my branch and stopped going to branch as told by my bm. And they only replied please come and report to your duty immediately in same branch but i refused because i dont want to go in same brach and face that same branch manager . sir plz help with proper advice because personal loan recovery team approched to my native place for recovery and tell me should i go to that branch or not ,what is my right and how to handle this situation