After Separation

My marriage date is 25/11/2003 at Raipur(C.G.), d_o_birth of son is 3/10/2004 at my maternal place Wani Dist. Yeotmal (Maharastra). I came for my brothers marriage and becomes Separated from my husband since apr 2005.They were not communicating with me so I decided to work for my and my sons survival. On 2008 I lodge a complaint and case of maintainance but they never reply..and we r getting the answer that "PraptKarta Gairhajar" and He was there only.. My advocates are also not replying for that.. Initially Advocates just creating Notice on the circumstances and after that they are not suggesting me any more if I try to communicate with advocates they refused me...My Husband never communicated with me or child for any reason,from last 10 years I m living alone with my son as I m working. Now my son is in 6th std in CBSC. His name is on his father's and my name is my parental. We r not getting any maintenance or any amount. I as Single Army force. Now school is asking for Caste Certificates and other parental documents but I m not having. and they r not communicating for anything ..So My question is How to benefit my Son and me.What shoud be the procedure to make them guily for their(Father in law,Mother in law,Sister in law(unmarried elder sis ,Only daughter) and husband(Only son)...Thanks every One which is envolved in this :)