Quash fir of ipc 498a,313,323,504 & 34

Hello Together, My wife file FIR under IPC 498A,313,323,504 & 34 on 23 may 2015 on me & my father, mother & sister. with this FIR Police arrested me on 19 June after that I was in 3 days of police custody & 24 days of MCR then I get bail. my father mother & sister got interim anticipatory bail. My Wife file IPC IPC 498A,323,504 & 34 without any proof but she has proof of abortion which is held on 20 feb 2015 I did abortion with legal documentation also take the benefit of mediclaim with the certificate of condom failure. now with this mediclaim papers she file IPC 313 on me. But in statement of Doctor in FIR, he told that he did MTP with consent of both wife & husband also told that this couple come to me for abortion on 16 feb 2015 then I told both of them think on it then we decide for MTP & send to back again this couple come to me on 20 feb & told to me we are ready for MTP then I take sign of both on mutual consent then did operation. But I very well remember that he takes only my sign that time he didn't take my sign on paper. Now if I ask to him to show this consent then he told me that he will show this when consent only when if court will ask for me till date I will not shows to any one. Also please note that my wife is engineer & working in MNC company. Now I want to quash this FIR in high court of Mumbai, Is it possible to quash this FIR in high court? if possible to quash on which ground we can quash it. Uday