Rental Property

Hello, I had rented a 1bhk on 16 July, 2015. After shifting I'm facing issues due to which I've approached the owner stating that I would like to vacate the house immediately (1st august, 2015). Issues which I'm facing are below: 1) The fan in bedroom and hall does not work. 2) The sink of kitchen does not work. If used it floods the kitchen and hall. 3) First two issues can be fixed - I know. The most important issue is that of WATER SEEPAGE problem in the house. When I saw the house it was newly painted so there was no sign of seepage. After shifting in the house we started suffering from cold and fever (we are still suffering). Damps can be seen on the ceiling and mold or fungi can be seen on the wall and our belongings. I'm not sure but I believe me and my girl friend are allergic to mold. Water marks, stain marks, water streak marks are on the wall. You can feel the moisture and wetness inside the house. I understand that I've signed a rental agreement. As per the agreement I can leave the house after one month notice and if I vacate the house before 11 months, i'll have to pay one month rent extra. I pleaded with the owner and showed him the state of the newly painted house which has changed drastically after I shifted. However, after the discussions his reaction was "those are minor issues." I even told the owner that I'm willing to pay him one month rent extra but I'll not serve the notice since the water seepage is effecting our health and I would like to shift immediately if he will return my security deposit. Owner insists on serving the notification period and if I want to leave the house before notification period - i'll have to pay one more month rent. He even stated once that "you can leave if you want to" but he won't return the security deposit. Please suggest.