Harrasment from Wife and In-laws

I am from Sunni Muslim family. I have got Married and having 2 Kids. My wife is govt employee and I am engineer working in steel industry. The problem started after the marriage. Her office hours are from 8am to 5pm. Every day after the office she goes to her parent house and spend time there and come back by 9 pm. Some time she use to come by 11 pm. When I or my parents asked why she is late, she would reply straight away that office function/she was at her parent place. She is very dominating person and her parents are also very dominating. She does not help my mother in house work. Every day I need to get her breakfast from outside otherwise it will be a problem. I told my parents not to tell her anything, as she was already told me that nobody should tell anything to her, even myself. In a month hardly 8 to 10 days she was staying at my place and remaining 15 to 20 days she will be staying with her parents. My in-laws are very bad they were brain washing her all the time. After we got baby boy (second child) she just stayed for one month at my house. One day both my mother and sister were not well, that day my father told her to prepare the food. She got angry and started abusing my parents. After that she called her father and brother. They came in Car.. abused my parents and even they hit my father and mother. They took my both the kids and put them in the car and with my wife they ran away. I and my parents tried whatever possible to stop them, we were begging them to leave my kids but they didn't listen to me. Her father told whose kids they are.. not yours. We thought after sometime my wife will come back but she couldn't and even she didn't call me a single time. Then after 2 or 3 days I went to my daughter school to see her. That time my daughter was in UKG, I spoke to her. Then next day I went to visit my daughter again, but the teacher came and told me that I should not be allowed to meet her otherwise her mother will compliant police. Immediately I called my wife but she couldn't pick my call. I, my parents and my relatives tried to bring her back but she never. My wife and my in-laws use to threaten us about police complaint whenever we tried to bring my wife and kids back. Till now we are keep on trying to bring them back. We are very much frighten because my sister was not married that time. It’s been 4 years now my wife and kids are not staying with me and my in-laws are planning to file the police complaint.. like this they are telling from past 4 years but we are very much scared now. My question is.. Should I go for getting bail before they could do anything? Is there any harm getting bail before they do the police complaint or any other thing? Please advise what I should do?