Hello, I have been married to my long term girlfriend since last 4 years. Before that we were in 4 years of relationship, overall 8 years. We registered marriage at thane court, and stayed at our respective homes without informing anyone. And waited for the right time to come. On 10th July 2015, We eloped from our houses and disclosed it to our parents. Her cousin's contacted me after that and assured me that he will arrange our wedding grandly and took her from me the very next day. Till the her dad don't know about our wedding and all. And her mom knows all. Now they are like saying our girl is strong manglik and you will die after six months kind of thing, we are maharastrian and you are south Indian how will guys cope up with each other. Now my family is ready to accept us but issues is from her side. Even the girl is also saying the same as their families. My family has tried talking to them but they are very stubborn. They are not at all allowing me to meet her and only calls that too on his cousin's phone once a week. I'm very much disturbed with this situation. The girl is saying "if my parents don't agree then we will apply for divorce". What should i do now. Awaiting for your help. Thank you