Does my uncle keep get a share in property after his death.

Hi sir/ madam, my grandfather wrote a partition deed among all of children. But at the time of family partition my dads brother was a minor, so that his lands are kept under my grandfather possession on his own name. My uncle (my dads brother) was went to jail in a murder case which he was not done. This was happened because of a keep. At the time of accused he was a major. But this keep already got a child and that child was 7 years younger than my uncle. After having 7 years of jail my uncle was released, before the end of 7 years my grand father was died. After all my uncle got a share of 150 acres. His keep thought to hold of his share and he was refused. Finally she convinced him to over drunk and after that she poured kerosene on him and torched. He was survived with 55% burns. Later she forced him to sell all of his properties. After 6 months he got side infections, so he lost two legs. One day he was abandoned outside his home during winter in 2004 October, finally he was died. Until that time she sold all the properties. Only few joint properties are left on my grand father name. We are from a nice decent family, so we never involved between his situation as my uncle doesn't want us to involve. She was a propstitute and she never married to my uncle. She still continues her sexual relations with other people. Be coz of she so many families like us are disturbed. Two people are murdered and my uncle died. So three lives gone. She was carrying our surname and selling the properties of my grand fathers without my fathers permission. And her first children born to different person, but he using my family name in Govt records. Totally she got two sons and one daughter. Daughter was died due to suicide in 2011. And she kept a name of my grand father to her younger son. Now he was 18. She was becoming a threat to my family now and she selling my properties. She was not married to my uncle and now he was died. Is she legal to involve in my family. Does she get equal rights as we have. People says her younger son born to my uncle, but we don't think so, because that time my uncle was in jail. She continuing her sexual relations with other persons, so how does she belongs my family. Does she and her chindren got right to use my family name and she was selling our properties. Does she legal to do these. What Can i do to stop this illegal woman activities. We are in big mess be coz of this indecent behaviour. Thank you sir/ madam Prashanth