Un-registered will

The testator had earlier made a registered will. There after the same will is cancelled by another registered deed at the same Registrar. There after, leanear descendants have filed a letter of information to the office of Registrar, saying that the mental condition of the same testator is not well and therefore, no will of the same testator be registered without informing the linear descendants. After some time, before a Court, one of the linear descended has produced a Un-Registered will which says 75% of the property will go to one linear descendant out of 5 descendants and 25% will go to a Trust or a Society in which it is written as (Reg) at the end of the name of the society/trust. The will is witnessed by mother of one beneficiary of 75% and owner / Head of Governing body of the Society / trust (Regd) 25%. Through RTI application, it is replied by PIO / APIO that no such Society / Trust is registered. Q.1. Sir, kindly let me know the status of this unregistered will Q.2. How to find whether the will is real or fake