Gifted property

My grandmother's parents gifted her a piece of land for her and my grandfather to stay roughly around 50 years back. My grandmother ran a school and has few shops in the outer strip of the property which is on the main road. Both here sons, my father and uncle are unemployed. However, my grandmother is very biased towards my uncle and has been paying his debts with the property money. She has also transferred property to my uncle from the same gifted property for his separate house. Uncle is an alcoholic, he has got married again recently, has taken a big loan, has a car and keeps constantly spending money in big amounts. On the other hand, my father is ill treated, I don't have money for education, and the house we share with our grand mother is also in very bad condition. Moreover, she constantly I'll treats us. Also she recently gave control of the school to my uncles new wife. And the shops given to my uncle are 4 and my father has been given 2 shops. Not only me, I have a brother as well who is in class 9th. But my grandmother is wasting all the money on my alcoholic uncle. Is there any justice from this kind of social evil?