My case is pending since 2011

Hello Team, I got married on 11th May 2006, since beginning my wife is not ready to have conjugal relation with me, I was waiting since 2008 and at the end of 2008 I filed a divorce case, during the counseling my wife accepted that she has not cooperated for the same and it has been recorded by the counselor. 2009 my wife accepted her mistake and asked one more chance to correct her self so I have withdrawn the petition and taken her to Delhi and we lived around 6 months but there also she had not cooperated and started complaining about me to my relatives so after coming back to Chennai again I filed one more Divorce case(2011) because my wife a dowry case in Chennai commissioner office so I got annoyed and taken a decision not to continue with her anymore. She transferred the case to her home town (Trichy) and I started appearing before the judge but she always try to avoid the court session and even if she comes her advocate will not come so next date will be given. last month 2 sessions and this month 3 sessions were attended so I requested honorable judge to consider so finally judge accepted and given a ex-party order on 27th July 2015 and it will be ordered today (29th July 2015) but my wife came with a petition (set ex) today and waiting for the same. So kindly guide me what will happen to my case, I am waiting for the past 9+ years and my wife stayed with me only for less than 8 months