Lawsuit for Employee

Hello sir, I m a service man moved to the USA now.I used to work for a company in noida for Feb 2010 to jul 2012. I had resigned the company in June 2012 as client decided to go out also in advance. There after company forced me to stay for another 6 months and did not relieve me. Later I stopped my services and after few days did not grab my salary to nullify my outstandings for short notice. Company files a lawsuit and blamed me that I had joined a competitor company and made a loss to them in billions bla bla while that all charges were fully fake. I contested the matter and case was closed. Now it seems that case is open again and they are asking ten lac inr from me for nothing. I sent them a notice while case was alive and informed that they keep my 8 lac rupees. I signed an employer contract and that was valid for only one year. This is written in contract itself. My Repo was great in that organization and they guys awarded me Employee of the Year in 2012 and best projects in 2013. I was not the only guy who was working for that client there were others say 10-12 more. Company say they sent me on training to USA in 2010 while i went for Project Requirements gatherings and for that company charged to client i have all receipts. Dear sir , Kindly suggest me how could I get rid off this ****.