Online Banking Transaction in MLM

This is to inform that i Anselm A Thomas resident of New Delhi India got a legal notice from an advocate in Kerela through a member who participated with me in an online MLM/Trading/Networking scheme.Putting false allegation and baseless allegations on me that i was authorized agent or a middleman in such scheme Mr Somveer Singh from Lucknow to whom i used to transfer the amount in his bank Account for an online scheme which gives daily returns through a system/website in internet where we can get profits and multiply our money. This was a kind of scheme where one can double the money in 100 business days and also gets commission for enrolling new members.Being a common man working in a BPO having less knowledge of how this system/business works i was called communicated by Mr Somveer Singh who conducted meetings and explained us about the business in Pahad Ganj hotel and crowne plaza explained how this works. The owner of the company/system Mr Kasturi Syam Prasad who also have company ORIGINATE FINANCIAL SOLUTION PVT LTD used to conduct meeting at Crowne Plaza Hotel Noida and other big hotels where his top people used to invite members and convinced them about the business to invest in it.Many investors and people used to come and understand the concept or business and were assured returns on their investment verbally.Around or may be more than 10,000 people from all over India were involved in this company/system.So it was just like an MLM networking scheme Me and other members like Mr Shameer Ali and Abid Bareeq who invested money under this scheme they invested money with their own wish/risk and no one forced them or gave anything in written about the profits,unfortunately me and Mr Shameer Ali and Abid Bareeq did not get their returns/profits in full.So now they are willing to file complaint against me and other senior member in the system who were all members to whom they had transferred money amount in their bank account directly through IMPS-NEFT. I am in constant harassment and threat since that time and they have been accusing me and harassing me and putting all wrong allegations on me.Being a victim myself whatever money was transferred in my bank account by Mr Shameer Ali and Abid Bereeq i had transferred/forwarded to Mr Somveer Singh Bank for which Mr Somveer Singh got the ids activated for daily profit/return. I have all the bank statement and justify as and when required.The amount which was transferred was around 8 lakhs done on different occassions/months and dates in 2014 from my bank account through Net Banking to Mr Somveer Singh account. (STATE BANK OF INDIA ACCOUNT NUMBER:[deleted] SEOHARA BRANCH IFSC CODE SBIN0003196) AND OTHER BANK ACCOUNT SOMVEER SINGH (SBI GOMTI NAGAR LUCKNOW ACCOUNT NO:[deleted] IFSC CODE:SBIN0011643) NOTE: Both members Mr Shameer Ali and Abid Bareeq were directly in touch with the company owner and all senior and upline members associated in the business and were fully aware and used to update me as well about the business and the changes which used to happen.These member also recieved their returns in the business which can be justified through their Bank Statement as how much money they invested and how much they recieved the returns. I also gave around 65,000rs by cash to Mr Somveer Singh for joining new members in the system as they used to force me to give business and get commission for it.But due to loss of our hard earned money and got cheated by the company or the people above me.Now i am being constantly harrassed by the members who have invested their hard earned money under me and i also recieved a threat call which i received from the owner on 15th November 2014 by Mr Kasturi Syam Prasad(+[deleted]) that he will add my name in his ongoing case in his Punjab matter and make a party there kind of blackmailing and a threat of life can be assumed on me and he also threatened that if i or anyone file a police complaint then he will get differrent complaints from different people against me and my members under me I have the audio recording of that call as evidence which shall justify. Being a victim myself in IVC company( I have tried hard to communicate with the owner or my senior/Upiner above me but they are not giving proper answer of how and when they can clear the liability of our money due(loss amount) to which the disputes is happening.I also have filed an online complaint with Delhi police and human rights commission and made them aware about the matter I being a law abiding citizen of india and my father himself is Retd Central Govt. Servant i request you to take an action againt the accused as the money has been transferred into the said account mentioned above.I will be thankful to you for helping and co-operating with me on this matter.