Forced engagement

Hi sir..i am 19 year old guy from..2 years back i was forcefully made engage with a girl by my parents because of some traditional belief and i was blackmailed by them as in i wont get furthur education, they will throw me out of the house and many more dramatic statements..i was immature and completely blank about what was happenin..i was also afraid about complaining to police station as after all it comes on my own parents..i love them..i fought with them totally went psycho but they never understood me..but then somehow the engagemnt broke up..and my parents wont repeat the same thing until and unless its my decision as i wont agree anyhow no matter the same thing is happening with my friend..she is also 19 and she was recently forced for the engagemnt by her parents..she loves her parents and they emotionally blackmailed her for the engagement..I oftently meet her and she cries alot complaining she dnt want to get married with that guy and she dnt even like her..and she dnt want to hurt her parents..her parents are like after her graduation they will announce the wedding ceremony instantly..she is totally screwed and she is not even able to focus on her studies..i'm afraid that she will take some suicidal me her can i help her? how can she break her engagemnt? Life of a girl cant go against her parents