Remidies available for fast trial for cheque bounce cases

Hi I am a manpower consultancy and one client turned up for Hiring my services. He issued me in advance rs/-5lakhs post dated cheque and took hiring of manpower from my side. the day i presented the cheque the cheque got bounced. he said it's an error , issued a new 5 lakhs cheque (post dated)and requested to give addtional man powers to him as he had urgent need for them. I presented the 2nd cheque , it also bounced. got back to himand had literally had fight with him, he said sorry and issued 10lakhs composite cheque from al toghether another bank to clear all my dues. this also bounced and I registered a police compalin. Police asked for court referal we did that and under magistrate order the fellow was arrested, but his brother is inflencial advocate of Telangana high court. he got bail on the very 1st day. this all happened in 2014 and today in 2015 also no futher trial or any action has been taken by law court against this fellow. advise me how we can get a speedy trial in this case