Fraud By a JOB Counsaltancy Service Site

I have Purchased Three services from TimesJob.Com Stepahead That is Order No 1781834 (Resume Zapper India) , 1787349(Magic Resume India - Mid level) and 1795039(Education Verification)(Current Employer Verification). at the Time of First purchase of sevice Resume Zapper India of Rs 1600/- Times Job Employee Mr Rajeev, Commited me that I will receive so many Interview calls from Times Job side If I purchase this service, But after some days on 09 June 2015 Times Job another employee call me and told that my Old Resume is not as per market demand so If I do not Purchase another service of Magic Resume India - Mid level so my First Service will be not activeted Thats why I was compel to buy second service of Magic Resume India of Rs 2650/- at the time of service activation call I told this thing to Times Job officer also but He told me to wait for grooming carrier. So I start to waiting for Job Interview call. After some days I received a Resume from Times Job side which was similar to my previous Resume. on 23 June 2015 I again received a call from Times Job side that My Educational documents and Current Employer is Not verified thats why It is compulsory to buy service of Current Employer Verification & Education Verification So I again purchase these services ofRs 2460/ after commitment of that I do not require another service purchase after this and I will start To receive Interview calls after this verification. On 10 July 2015 I received a confirmation that my verification has been completed. But after that I again receive so many calls from Times Job side that I require so many service PURCHASE yet now that is vidio base course and so many other also, But I deny to buy another service again. After That I am waiting since one month and no call has been received to me. Sir Pls tell May I File a case against this fraud or not And may I will receive My Money Back to Times.