School Bus Refund

Hi, My daughter is a Nursery Student. She goes to a renowned school in our area and they have 2 batches for Nursery (Morning and Afternoon). It was told that the parents who opt for School Bus service will be given preference for morning batch. We being working parents, morning batch was preferable and hence we opted for Bus Service though it was pretty costly compared to the distance between school & our house. There are many parents currently as well who said they will take Bus service, took morning batch and then didn’t pay school fees. However we genuinely paid full bus fees. On the first day, I dropped by Daughter to school in School Bus. I accompanied her in School Bus and then I left for my Job. My mother in law was waiting at Bus stop from 11.15 AM though the school ends at 11.30AM. It was told that the Bus will drop kid at Society Bus stop around 11.45 to 12 noon. The school bus came around 12 noon however my daughter was not there in the school bus. When my mother in law asked it was told that parents took my daughter from school where as we were in office. My mother in law informed me about this and I immediately called in school to check where my daughter is. They were not able to locate where she is for 20 minutes and then it was informed to me that they wrongly sent her in some different area bus. After that, some other number school Bus dropped her at 1 PM with no lady attendant. It was very clear looking at my daughter that she was continueously crying for last 1 Hour. My daughter was so horrified that since then she is not at all ready to go by Bus. Considering this irresponsible behavior by School Bus authorities, we are looking for Bus refund where school has denied the same. They have put a condition that fee refund will happen only if you switch to afternoon batch which we do not wish to go for. I guess this is compulsion and not at all ethical. I seek your advice on how can I claim for school bus refund as I do not wish to continue with Bus service. Thanks for your help. Warm Regards, ABC