Buying agricultural land

My father wants to buy agricultural land in Karnataka but because he is an NRI he has been advised not to. I am his 36 year old unmarried daughter who is a resident of India, still living under his roof. My mother being ill and in need of my assistance, I have been unemployed since college. I receive less than 80,000 rupees annually from fixed deposits in my name, which belong to him. My father wants me to buy that land in my name for him. I am not an agriculturist, never have been out of the city in fact, and I absolutely do not want to sign any false certificate claiming to be one. Convincing him is not an option, he sees the land as a goldmine, something he will convert and sell for a higher price, I think. I am afraid of my father and cannot stand the constant pressure. Since I have to continue living in his home; rent free, free food and all; I feel guilty about not complying and I might have to fraudulently claim to an agriculturist eventually. Is there any peaceful way out of this?