Wife filed divorce and then filed Crpc 125

Hi Experts, Wife aplied for divorce and i am in process of filing written statement, Also in the last hearing wife is filed crpc 125 and asking for 30,000 per month(15,000 for the child(2.5 years) and 15,000 for her). She has stated that my net take home salary is 56,000(revised in 2013) which is true however i never used to get my full salary, it has been 4 years since i have gotten my net take home salary due to i have mutliple medical condidtion, -Dizziness(taking medication almost 6 times a day) -Fractured leg operated with steel plate(used to get swollen every now and then) -Psoriaris(ithcing, pain and bleeding) -Depression due to missing the child that was taken away one year ago, Unable to conentrate on job. -I a working just to take care of myself and to pay my debts, i averaged out my last one year salary and it showing 37K average per months, from which i have to pay Lodge Room rent -7,500, Food- 6,000, Travel- 6,000, Self care - 1,500 Medicine: 3,000 Emi for personal loan- 5,700, other debts 5,000., Total 35,000, In this case will the court consider my health condition and the expenses to take care of myself and dissmiss the petition filed by wife, i have all proof for the above. Please clarify. Also, I am just a B.sc graduate, but my wife is an B.E in IT, from 2008 to 2011 she was working and was earning about 19K per month, however she has stated that she is unemployed and so she is not able to take care of herself and the child. My wife was a christian and converted herself to islam and then married me according to Muslim Marriage act, Now that for the past 1 year she is following her native religion for the past 1 year as well as raising my muslim child(2.5 years now) in christianity. Please clarify how to handle this. Thank you all in advance, Expecting for a great response.