Demand for maintenance of self and 2 children

My sister is married to a MBBS,doctor posted in govt Primary health center and he earns 60-65 thousand per month. he is very cruel to her and her children. he spent money on drinks(wine), dirty party and other activities. He cares only his mother,father, married sisters and her child and does not give a single rupee to my sister for her livelihood and for maintenance of her two children age 9 and 4 years. He has bitten several times to my sister , broken her 2 mobiles and lives separately and forcing my sister for divorce. My sister does not wants divorce and she also does not want to lodge FIR against his cruel behavior thinking that in case of Police case he will lose his job and secondly in a hope that probably he will come back on right track in future. My sister is also a doctor. she desires a share of his salary as compensation money for maintenance of herself and her both children. He also disallowed any domestic servant to help her and forced her not to admit her children to any hostel or child care center. She is facing very hardship as she has to do her duty as well as to take care of her children. His parents are also supporting their son. She needs compensation. If any way to get compensation without divorce let me know please and how much she can get and what are the procedure and how much time will it take? kindly reply. yours --- A