Can my landlord evict me?

My family lives in a home for more than 90 years as tenant. We used to pay the rent via rent control. I was a little kid when one day we came to know that the Muhuri (pardon my ignorance, not sure about the exact term of the profession) was arrested for fraud case, as it was proved that he was not depositing the money he was taking from tenants. Later my father fell ill, our financial situation worsened. I was still a little child so didn't know much what was going on. So we became defaulter and could not pay rent for a long long time (more than 14-15 years). In the mean time I lost my father and had to support my family soon after I passed graduation in English Honours. The landlord never claimed for money. Recently, the landlord has transferred the house to a promoter and they said that they wants to build a flat where the house is. My question is, provided we have been living in the same house for more than 80-90 years, is it possible for them to evict us from the property? I have no where to go and I live with my old mother and sister. What should I do now? What's my position? Please help, I've lost sleep in nights.